Components Organisation switcher

Last updated: 11 October 2022

<div class="moj-organisation-nav" aria-label="Organisation switcher">
  <div class="moj-organisation-nav__title">HMP Sheppey Cluster (Swaleside)</div>

  <a href="#" class="moj-organisation-nav__link">Change prison</a>


{%- from "moj/components/organisation-switcher/macro.njk" import mojOrganisationSwitcher -%}

{{ mojOrganisationSwitcher({
  text: 'HMP Sheppey Cluster (Swaleside)',
  link: {
    text: 'Change prison',
    href: '#'
}) }}

To use the component in your design, add the MoJ Figma Kit to your Figma libraries and find the component using the Assets tab.

View component in MoJ Figma Kit

When to use

Use the organisation switcher component to let users navigate between different organisations or accounts, for example, switching between prisons.

When not to use

Do not use this component if the user has access to only one organisation.

How to use

This component comes directly after the header, or phase banner if there is one.