How we work Our approach

The MoJ understands user experience is key to delivery. The Design System Working Group and Design System team's ways of working are focussed on delivering better products for users by being open, collaborative and pragmatic.

Being open

  • our service teams have visibility of our work and backlog and understand how it feeds into delivery
  • our service teams provide input to the focus, priority and direction of our work
  • we invest time to ensure our work has wider value across the MoJ

Being collaborative

  • we share a vision with our service teams for how design supports delivery
  • we believe that for our colleagues to care about the work we do, we must care about what they do
  • we make sure our teams have regular opportunities to learn from and input to our work

Being pragmatic

  • we prioritise making things better for our users over following the perfect process
  • we start with user needs and recognise we can't meet those needs without delivering