Contribution criteria

The MoJ Design System supports the design, build, and delivery of accessible and consistent services. To guarantee the quality of the design system, all styles, components and patterns need to meet certain criteria.


For a contribution to be considered for the design system, the style, component or pattern needs to be useful and unique.

Criteria Description
Useful The contribution would be useful for many teams or services.

To support your contribution, it's helpful if you have evidence to suggest that other teams or services have user needs that can be met by your contribution.
Unique The contribution does not replicate something already in the MoJ Design System or GOV.UK Design System.

Developing a contribution

The MoJ Design System Group reviews contributions to check they meet the criteria. If your contribution is accepted into the design system, the Group will work with you to support the development of your contribution into a common style, component or pattern that other teams can reuse.