Propose a component or pattern

Our contribution process supports teams to add components and patterns based on their users needs and service requirements, whilst guaranteeing the quality and usefulness of the MoJ Design System.

Anyone can propose a new component or pattern.

Step 1: Check the contribution criteria

The MoJ Design System Group review contributions against a contribution criteria. To support the review of contributions, first check that your proposal meets the criteria.

Step 2: Check for similar contributions

Check if someone has already suggested your idea, or something similar, by viewing a list of contributions under review in the contribution backlog.

Step 3: Propose your contribution

Propose a contribution using the contribution form. When submitted, your contribution can be viewed on the contribution backlog.

If you're unsure about making a contribution, we would encourage you to do so. The MoJ Design System Group will review all contributions and reach out to you to discuss your contribution even if it's not accepted into the design system.