What's new Led by users, driven by data

We aim to continuously improve our design system around the people that use it, reducing complexity and focus on what matters. We also aim to make the best possible use of our data to ensure that the direction of the design system is based on sound insight.


We aim to have an easy contribution model to encourage the use of the MoJ Design System. Tracking contributions helps us to spot trends and address any barriers.

Since December 2023:

  • 5 contributions have been proposed into the MoJ Design System
  • 4 have been accepted
  • 1 has been declined


We aim to have a design system that has high levels of engagement and usability. Monitoring engagement and usability helps the direction of the MoJ Design System to be led by data.

In the last 12 months:

  • The MoJ Design System website has received 37,200 visits

User research

We aim to have a design system that is led by its users. Talking to users of the MoJ Design System helps us to meet their needs.

Since December 2023:

  • 10 research sessions have been carried out