What's new Roadmap

This is the roadmap for the MoJ Design System. It shows what we’re working on now, and whilst some things on the roadmap might change, it gives a guide for what we’re planning to do in the future.

This roadmap was last updated in December 2023.

Working on now

  • Publish roadmap on the public MoJ Design System.
  • Setup a MoJ Design System Group.
  • Create a contribution criteria for the MoJ Design System. Publish onto the public MoJ Design System.
  • Develop a low-barrier contribution process. Test and iterate.
  • Develop low-barrier change request process. Test and iterate.
  • Review all styles, components, and patterns that exist in the MoJ Design System, and that have also been contributed to sandbox areas. Check what does and doesn’t meet the contribution criteria.
  • Resolve any styles, components, or patterns that do not meet our contribution criteria. Roadmap to be updated based on the required resolution work.
  • Improve online guidance for prototyping (and include guidance for prototyping with other tools like Figma).

Working on next

  • Canvas the MoJ design, engineering, and product communities for styles, component, pattern, and service pattern contributions.
  • Prioritise contributions with the communities.
  • The MoJ Design System Group to work through the prioritised contribution list. Roadmap to be updated based on the list.
  • Publish service patterns onto the public MoJ Design System.

Working on later

  • Run a discovery to understand how the MoJ Design System might further support teams.